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The very first credit has to go to all the people on, who have provided so much help I'd still be struggling. For anybody wishing to identify glass, this should be your first port of call!

In no particular order:
Ivo Haanstra (a brain made from glass the size of a planet!), Frank Andrews, Bernard Cavalot, Glen Thistlewood, Paul Downes, Kevin Holt, Chris Stewart, Adam Dodds, Pamela Wessendorf, have all provided wonderful advice either directly or indirectly.

Other enthusiastic collectors,
who have also proved very helpful include the Anne (Yobunny), Anne (Womble), Max, Sue, Leni, Peter, Gareth, Ray, Wayne... the list is seemingly endless!

And definitely not forgetting Angela Bowey
for making the whole thing possible in the first place!

Want to be added?
If I've forgotten you just let me know and I'll gladly add you to the list! But...
Please note I am not keen on adding commercial sites unless there are good reasons, such as the site containing added value to collectors, like histories and observations, for example.

Links by Name

There are thousands of glass-related links, so these are personal favourites. For something more comprehensive, please visit the Glassoholic web site.

For a comprehensive overview of all popular makes of glass, please visit Angela Bowey's sites, Glass Encyclopaedia.

1st Glass - Tony Hayter's site; excellent reference for Uranium glass
20th Century Glass - Wayne Stephens
Adam Aaronson - contemporary Art Glass designer and creator
Alexandrite (Crystal Belle) - extensive list of Neodymium (Alexandrite) glass
Altare Glass - early glass centre in Italy
Art Glass Fair - Bi-annual London fair of contemporary, vintage and antique art glass.
Art of Venice - dealer of contemporary glass
Artius Glass - Official Secondary Market Specialists to Isle of Wight Studio Glass
Aureliano Toso - current Murano maker
Barovier & Toso - Muranese maker
D M Beard - some of the most amazing and delicate lampworked glass sculptures!
Beranek Glassworks - contemporary Czech producer of art glass
Blenko Collectors Society - extensive collection from this US glass maker
Blenko Four - another excellent resource
Blenko Museum - virtual online museum
Blenko Project - a project exploring all aspects of the works and glassware, also linked to a Blenko Blog
Bristol Blue Glass - current maker. Contains descriptions on Bristol Blue/Green, Cranberry and Ruby glass making.
Bud Vases - extensive detail on a single subject!
John Burton - conceptual glass artist, basing ideas from biological data.
Caithness Glass - current Scottish maker - Glen Thistlewood
[Gino] Cenedese e Figlio - current Murano maker
Cenedese Linea Vetro Murano S.a.S. - Giovanni & Simeone Cenedese
Chalet Art Glass - Collection of Canadian manufacturer
Chance Handkerchief Vases - two pages
Chance Stained Glass - fantastic reprint of Stained Glass, 1867!
Cloud Glass – definitive Davidson site
Crown Crystal Glass (Australia) - Cathy Bannister's excellent resource.
Czech Design - various contemporary designers
Dartington Crystal - current British maker and owners of various earlier names, including Royal Brierley.
David Doty - extensive Carnival Glass resource and identification aid
Desna Glass - current Czech maker
Design Addict - site listing 540 contemporary designers!
Dutch & Belgian Glass - wide-ranging site, also featuring Leerdam catalogues online!
Fairy Lamps - Jim Sapp's site
Fratelli Toso - Muranese maker
Freeforms - Euro glass and ceramics site
Fulvio - past Murano master
Galleria Rossella Junck - permanent Murano exhibition
Glass Artists - phew!
Glassblobbery - fantastical lampworked creatures and ornaments - worldwide resource
Glass Eye Studio - maker of glassware and not to be confused with this site!
Glasfax - organisation dedicated to the reseach of Canadian glass
Glasform - John Ditchfield. Hand-made ornaments, architectural glass
The Glass & Pottery Association - promoting good standards for online sellers
The Glass Association - club for Glassies
Glass Global - industry portal
Glassian - Ian Macky's industrial glass
The Glass Man - pressed glass articles
Glass Online - Glass Industry Portal
Glassway - excellent reference site, explaining glass techniques (includes some videos)
Gozo Glass - current Maltese maker
Great Glass - Philip & Ann Petrides' excellent resource. Reliable reference material
Higgins Glass Studio - Specialisation in Fused Glass giftware and art glass
Holmegaard Resource - Nic Wilson's research and shop site
Iittala - Finnish glassmaker, see also...
Iittala Designers - superb reference on early Scandi designers!
Isle of Wight - Founded by Michael Harris, formerly of Mdina
Ivo Haanstra - European Glass web site and author of Glass Fact File.
Japan Uranium Glass Collectors - interesting site from the Far East!
Jonathan Harris - Studio Glass incorporating cameo & graal techniques. Son of Michael Harris (Mdina/Isle of Wight Glass)
Higgins Glass - Fused/Slumped Glass
Kevin Holt - Paperweight guru
Olivier Juteau - Custom glass maker: sculptures, stained glass, hand-blown
Kosta Boda - Scandi maker
Joseph Joseph - current makers of tableware, utilising techniques from Chance Bros.
Lalique Mascots - details and examples of glass car mascots by Lalique - collection and history of Loetz
Loetz & Bohemian - resource for Loetz glass, also additional links.
The Losch's – excellent Murano resource and collection
M & D Moir - Mike and Debbie Moir's site
Mandruzatto - current Italian maker, known for sommerso and faceted items
Mazzega - current Italian maker, known for sculptures and vases
Mdina - current Maltese glass maker
Molineaux & Webb - History site for this English glassmaker
Moser Glass - current Czech maker of fine glassware
Mosser Glass - current US pressed glass maker of Vaseline, Opalescent and Carnival
Mtarfa - current Maltese glass maker
Murano Glass Gallery - examples of Murano glass, by Sergio Gnesin
MURANO MAKERS - links to dozens of current Murano glassmakers
Nason & Moretti - Muranese maker
The National Glass Collector's Fair - regular exhibition organisers
National Milk Glass Collectors Society - good site featuring excellent reference material
Nazeing - current British manufacturer
Neodymium - article from Judith Van Buskirk-Gugudan
Nigel Benson - British 20th Century Glass
Okra Glass - studio glass makers
Olnick Spanu - examples of vintage Murano glass
Orrefors - Swedish glassmaker
Paperweights - Colin Terris' site
Pip's Trip - Online store with some choice Chance and Sklo Union items
Planet Glass - Murano resource
Pontil Marks - Antique Soda & Beer Bottle resource
Pressed in Time - English pressed glass site
PressGlas-Pavillon - Pamela Wessendorf's pressed glass museum
PressGlas-Korrespondenz - resource and downloadable articles on pressed glass
Promovetro - artistic Murano glass
Pukeberg - current Swedish maker - fab retro site for all things, erm, retro! [not just glass]
RLalique - "The Gathering Place for R Lalique and Rene Lalique Enthusiasts and Collectors"
Roger Tye - formerly of Phoenix Glass, now produces specialist organic plant forms
Salviati - Muranese maker
Scandinavian Glass - nice presentation of Scandi glass
Schürenberg Kunsthandel - Art Deco/Art Nouveau site (also metal, ceramics, etc.)
Scotland's Glass - Frank Andrew's study of Scottish glassmaking companies
Siddy Langley - Studio Glass (current)
Sklo Union - Study of Czech glass, 1940-90
Style & Design - Online shopping & specialist encyclopedia on glass
Svazzo - Javier's Art & Murano Glass site
Val St. Lambert - current Belgian maker
Venice Web Gallery - resource for 20th C and contemporary Murano glass
Venini - current Muranese maker
Vidfletch - Aseda Glasbruk photos (no text)
VGCI - Vaseline Glass Collectors
Thomas Webb - history of Webb and Webb Corbett
Gianni Toso - Abstract work, blown and lampwork from a Murano master - excellent WF resource, with catalogue images - WF collectors club; seek and thou shalt find... - another excellent resource, with good history pages - A guide to art glass and crystal around the World
www.cga - Carnival Glass Association
Ysart Glass – Scottish glass makers; ref. Monart, Strathearn, Vasart, Ysart
Zanetti - stunning artistic sculptures: realistic and modernistic

Links by Type

General Reference

1st Glass - Tony Hayter; Uranium
Cloud Glass – Chris Stewart; Davidson
European Glass - Ivo Haanstra
Great-Glass - Philip & Ann Petrides
Pontil Marks - Bottles specifically - A guide to art glass and crystal around the World

British Glass

Bristol Blue Glass - current maker
Caithness Glass - current Scottish maker
Chance Glass - our sister site
Cloud Glass – definitive Davidson site
Dartington - current British maker
Glasform - John Ditchfield
Joseph Joseph - current makers (see Chance)
Molineaux & Webb - History & Reference
Nazeing - current British manufacturer
Nigel Benson - British 20th Century Glass
Okra Glass - current studio glass maker
Siddy Langley - current studio glass maker
Scotland's Glass - Frank Andrew's study of Scottish glassmaking companies
Thomas Webb - Webb/Webb Corbett marks - resource for WF - WF collectors club
Ysart Glass – Scottish glass makers

Carnival Glass

David Doty - ID for Carnival Glass
Glen Thistlewood
www.cga - Carnival Glass Association


1st Glass - reference for Uranium glass
Crystal Belle - list of Alexandrite glass
Japan Uranium Glass Collectors
Neodymium - extensive article
VGCI - Vaseline Glass Collectors


Broadfield House - based in Stourbridge
Cambridge Glass Fair - UK bi-annual fair and exhibition
National Glass Collectors Fair - UK bi-annual fair and exhibition
Smethick Heritage Centre - Chance  glass, in Birmingham


Murano - current makers (see below)
Altare Glass - early glass centre in Italy
Art of Venice - dealer of contemporary glass
Fulvio Bianconi - past Murano master
The Losch's – Murano resource and collection
Murano Makers - Promovetro
Murano Makers - Olnick Spanu collection
Planet Glass - Murano resource
Svazzo - Murano resource

Pressed Glass

The Glass Man - articles
Desna Glass - Czech maker
Pressed in Time - articles: English glass
PressGlas-Pavillon - museum & reference
PressGlas-Korrespondenz - articles

Other Countries

Including current makers


Murano (below)
Australia - Crown Crystal Glass
Belgium - Val St. Lambert
Belgium - incl. Dutch glass
Czech - Various contemporary designers
Czech - Beranek Glassworks
Czech - Desna
Czech - Moser Glass
Czech - study of Sklo Union, 1940-90
Dutch - incl. Belgian glass
France - Rene Lalique
France - Various makers
Malta - Gozo Glass
Malta - Mdina
Malta - Mtarfa
Scandinavian - Iittala
Scandinavian - Kosta Boda
Scandinavian - Orrefors
Scandinavian - Pukeberg


Blenko Collectors Society
Blenko Four
Blenko Museum
Blenko Project - Hillary J Homburg
Chalet Art Glass - Michel Blais
Glass Eye Studio - current US maker
Higgins Glass - Fused/Slumped Glass
Mosser Glass - current US maker

Specific Areas

Bud Vases - Pat Durbin
Lalique Mascots - Geoffrey George Weiner
Milk Glass - NMGCS
Paperweights - Kevin Holt
Paperweights - Colin Terris
Whitefriars Ducks - Jill Wainman


Czech Design - Various glass designers
Dale Chihuly - designer/maker
Desna Glass - Czech maker
Glass Eye Studio - US glass designers, and not to be confused with this site!
Koru - a collection of New Zealand designers — strangely, it includes Alfredo Barbini...
Peter Layton - London based glassblower, plus workshops

Murano contemporary

Alfredo Barbini - Muranese maker
Aureliano Toso - current maker
Barovier & Toso - Muranese maker
Gino Cenedese e Figlio - Muranese maker
Cenedese Linea Vetro Murano S.a.S. - Giovanni & Simeone Cenedese
Fratelli Toso - Muranese maker
Mazzega - current Italian maker, known for sculptures and vases
Mandruzatto - current Italian maker, known for sommerso and faceted items
Murano Makers - extensive list of current Murano makers
Nason & Moretti - Muranese maker
Salviati - Muranese maker
Venini - Muranese maker
Zanetti - current maker


Organisations and sites dedicated to, or promoting research of specific areas of glass.

Blenko Collectors Society - US glass maker
Blenko Four - US glass maker
Blenko Museum - US glass maker
Blenko Project - Hillary J Homburg
Chance Glass - David P. Encill
Crown Crystal Glass - Cathy Bannister
Glasfax - Canadian glass research
Glass Association - Glassies club
Glass Messages
- Angela Bowey's forum
Glass & Pottery Association -
Great Glass - general resource
Holmegaard - Nic Wilson
PressGlas-Pavillon - Pamela Wessendorf
PressGlas-Korrespondenz - Siegmar Geiselberger
Scotland's Glass - Frank Andrews - WF resource - WF resource - WF resource
Ysart Glass - Frank Andrews

Please mail me if you would like to be included. A reciprocal link is always appreciated.

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