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A British company that ceased production in 1982 but was responsible for some very innovative designs.

In particular this was due mainly to designers such as James Powell and Geoffrey Baxter; the latter being responsible for the avant-garde textured range produced in the mid-1960s onwards, drawing influence from contemporary Scandinavian designers.

Whitefriars Pattern Nos.

Elephant foot - 9728


Square peg in a round hole?
To distinguish between Webb & Whitefriars 'Wave-ribbed' or 'Optic-ribbed' glass, when viewed from the top the ribs of Webb glass give it a square appearance, while Whitefriars looks hexagonal. This is entirely due to the shape of the mould used by the respective factories, and the number of vertical ribs*

*Note: while I can't positively confirm this, from the limited amount of Whitefriars glass I have it does appear to be the case.

Top: Whitefriars vase in Meadow Green.
Bottom: two Webb vases.

Colours (with date used in textured range)

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  • Aubergine: Purple (1972-74); replaced by lilac
  • Cinnamon: Brown (1967-69)
  • Flint: Clear
  • Indigo: Greyish-blue (1967)
  • Kingfisher: Bright blue (1969-74)
  • Lilac: Pale purple (1974); replaced aubergine
  • Meadow Green: Bright green (1970-72)
  • Pewter: Silver-grey (1972)
  • Ruby: Ruby red (1969)
  • Sage: Dull green (used in 1974 only)
  • Tangerine: Bright orange (1969-74)
  • Willow: Grey with a green tinge (1967)

Pattern Reference (with dates of production)

[kindly supplied by Mike at]

Pattern Name Description
9669 Bamboo rectangular body with vertical bamboo-like ridges; in one size (1967-70)
9681 Banjo, Thr'penny bit circular-polyhedral body with spiral pattern; in one size. (1967-72). Rarely seen in dark orange (Tizer) and ruby.
  Bark (cylindrical and triangular) 1)broad cylindrical vases in three sizes (1967-1980); The glacier range of drinking glasses and decanters looks similar, but is clear and is not cased;
2) triangular vase 9674 in one size (1967-69)
3) narrow cylindrical ('finger vases') either straight-sided or tapered
9667 Basket weave with a square weave pattern; in one size (1967-69)
9675 Cello, guitar, figure-of-eight with two bulbous areas decorated with spirals (1967-70)
9817 Chess with flared lip, square body and chequer board pattern
9686 Coffin triangular with flared base and bark texture on two sides
9679 Cucumber tall rectangular profile with feint vertical ridges (1967-72)
Dimple slab rectangular, with pattern of circular impressions
9759 Double diamond two angular panels with concentric diamond shapes embossed
9673 (small); 9672 (large) Drunken bricklayer 3 staggered cubes, with raised dimples on the middle one; two sizes (1967-77). Very rarely in flint.
9810 (large)
9815 (squat)
Greek key tall or squat square-section body with Greek key motifs. Not to be confused with totem pole.
  Haemorrhoid tall cylinder with a band near the base having a bulbous pattern on the surface.
9680 Hooped cylinder with staggered rings near the base; in one size (1967-73)
9670 Mobile phone, marbles with 4 rows of 3 rounded nail heads (1967-70)
9828 Nipple Circular main body with concentric circles that are pointed at the top (1974)
9668 Nuts-and-bolts, hobnail rectangular, with 4 rows of 3 square nail-heads on one side; in one size (1967-69)
9758 Onion bulbous body with circular impressions (1972-4)
9731 Pineapple cylindrical body with hobnail points
9825 Rocket cylindrical tapered body with vertical bark-like lines and a slightly pinched band near the base with dimples (1974)
9678 Shouldered square body with tapering shoulders and faint vertical textured ribs; in one size (1967-69).
9811 Stitched rectangular main panel with 9 (3x3) square panels, with alternating vertical or horizontal lines (1972-3))
9676 Sunburst, starburst with circular midsection with a pattern of radial lines; in one size (1967-70)
9671 Totem pole tall vase with square profile; there is an embossed Greek key near the base, which continues above as a series of straight fold impressions.
9848 Tulip vase large bulbous pear-shaped vase with crackle line pattern (1974)
9760 Traffic Lights
with a vertical line of round nail heads down the centre.
9677 TV vase with rectangular main panel containing further smaller rectangles; in one size (1967-70). Rarely seen in white.
Volcano with bark effect and round nail heads
1) volcano 9717: tapered cone (1969-72). Later rest of range.
2) bowed nail head 9809: rectangular with slightly bowed front.
9682 Waisted with a pinched-in middle and therefore shaped a bit like a bone; in one size(1967-69)
9761 Zigzag rectangular with angular toothed sides and zigzag embossed vertical lines (1972). later than the rest of the range.

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