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A personal collection and
observations on Art Glass

Photo & Imagery Pages

I might not be an expert at glass, but compliments on the photos I've taken spurred me on to reveal a few thoughts.

Hopefully I can help answer some questions on how to take decent photos of glass without spending a fortune... a sheet of white paper and a 'daylight' lamp? Well, that's all I use...! Several photos are also included that are there just for the hell of it!

Look at... Glass Photos

A few photos that are totally irrelevant, but beautiful. Others border on being rather surreal.

How to... Photo Glass

For the best results you do really need a camera with 'macro' mode; that is, one capable of taking close-up images. naturally, the topic only covers generalities but gives a few pointers that might help.

How to... Edit Images

An area that can cause plenty of consternation! But in reality, it's just a matter of pressing the right button at the right time (or something like that!)


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