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A personal collection and
observations on Art Glass


The Glass

This collection of European Art Glass represents just a few years collecting and demonstrates how addictive it can become!

No claims are made to any item being rare or valuable, but simply are items that are appealing.

As a Rule...

While I still 'think' in the good-old English Imperial system, I obviously acknowledge the metric system is easier to work with and so all measurements are given in centimetres (cm). However, to give more emphasis to British glass where inches (") were commonly used this measurement may also be given.



If you want to convert between centimetres and inches, simply divide cms by 2.5 to get inches.
(2.5cm = 1", 15cm = 6")

About the Site

As a professional Web designer since 1993 (when sites were coded by hand using Notepad!) this has afforded me the opportunity to create a site that, I hope, is appealing to the (glassy)eye yet still provides rapid transition between pages under any condition.

Naturally, with the site being photo-orientated each page can be a little heavy for cable modem users, but hopefully this has been minimised with the astute use of highly optimised 'thumbnails' — see how it's done!

A few topics and observations are also included that may be of interest to collectors, with a technical section covering the chemicals used for the composition of certain glass and the dichroic nature of some specialist glass.

With regard to the diamond logo; this is a representation of a crystal eye, if you hadn't worked it out already, hence the double blink in the top banner when the page loads! Inspiration was drawn from the faceted Murano vases that are very collectable (not least by me...)

Colours used

Hopefully the colours used provide enough contrast to make the text easily readable, but let us know if you are having a problem.

All clickable links use an orange colour that darkens slightly when the mouse hovers over the text: this also applies to some headers which are also links to main subjects.


This site should be compatible with any browser — why some people design for, say, Internet Explorer at 1024x768 I'll never know...

Click this button to open up the Gallery pages for the related glass.

With just individual items on any page, simply click this button to view the item.

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