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New Books

Recommended Books!

Chance Expressions now reprinted!

Chance Additions now available!

To purchase the second edition, got to the Cortex Design web site

Also (links to ChanceGlass web site):
Lighthouses by Toby Chance & Peter Williams
A History of Glassmaking in London by David C Watts


Chance Expressions - book cover Chance Additions

British Glass!

Two fabulous books by Charles Hajdamach, both of which are essential for any collector of British glass.

Charles' new book 20th Century British Glass is a monumental achievement and is THE book to purchase.

For collectors of 19th century British glass, then consider purchasing Charles' original volume, British Glass, 1800-1914


The Glass ZooGlass Zoo

A new site that will keep growing as more 'inmates' are found.

If you collect glass animals of any type, this will be the place to visit. You can also submit your own critters!

Visit the Zoo!


It is not meant to be a definitive collection, nor will I ever claim to be an expert; more an enthusiastic amateur. This site does not make claims to contain items that are especially "valuable" either!

Instead, the collection contains items that can be quite common-place, but appeal to me; glass that is either intriguing, beautiful, mysterious, or just totally weird! Included are also some observations and (dare I say it?) 'findings' on glass. Probably not original findings, but ones that might be difficult to find elsewhere and could prove useful to someone. Somewhere.

All credit is given to people who have helped with links to appropriate web sites in the Links page.

Oh, and the fish. Don't forget the fish...

Is any of the Glass for Sale?

Some of the glass shown on this site is for sale but most is definitely not. If you have any queries about any piece, please just ask!


Not normally. I acknowledge my experience is not good enough to offer a service and the fast-moving trends seen on eBay mean it could never be a reliable service. "It's worth exactly what someone is prepared to pay" is a very good adage!

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All the photogaphs within this web site are copyright � and may not be used without express permission. However, I would normally have no objection to the use of any photo providing the use is appropriate and due acknowledgement is given. Please just ask.

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