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A personal collection and
observations on Art Glass

V.Nason Labels

All labels have the name clearly marked. The earlier 'Veritable Opaline' have a single red 'N' in a circle, that is presumably the earlier initial logo for Nason.

Veritable Opaline de Murano

The earliest labels were paper-based and shaped like a scroll, with black and red text on a gold background. The letter 'N' is on the left side (for 'Nason'?), and two 'ribbons' trail beneath this. Probably used from c.1970-85

V.Nason (Avventurina)

Made from 1989 onwards. These vases and ornaments always carried a gold paper scroll-type label with AVVENTURINA written across with the Nason logo at each end. Underneath is the company name.

V.Nason (rectangle)

Uses the Nason logo prominently with the name alongside. Can be found as paper-based, in three different colours:

  • White text on black
  • Dull gold text on black
  • Bright gold text on light gold

There are two plastic variants both with white text on clear, except one is a rounded rectangle and the other circular.


White text on clear plastic

V.Nason (circular)

Probably the last incarnation, with the name written around the periphery. White text on clear plastic and no logo shown.



The label style looks a lot older than it actually is, being elliptical with a scalloped edge and scroll text. The label is gilt text with a yellow background. However, these can only be dated to around 1980.


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